Lab description

The Built Environment Simulator is a building-scaled laboratory for the characterization under real-life conditions of the behaviors of the building and system in relation to the comfort of the occupants in all its dimensions (hygrothermal, acoustic, visual and IAQ). The laboratory can be configured in a wide range of settings to test specific envelopes, internal layouts, or ventilation control solutions in real-life conditions.

The Built Environment Simulator Lab: plans.

At present, the laboratory consists of four rooms: a control room, a warehouse, a technical room, and the laboratory, an approximately 50 m2 open space. Several prefabricated envelope elements are available, including opaque vertical panels, standard two-sashes casement windows and full-height fixed windows. The rearrangement of these envelope elements allows the generation of different scenarios.

Test cells

The test facilities for the built environment comprise also test cells to characterize emissions from construction materials.