The Research Group in Building Physics and Building Energy Systems of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano has been established in 2010 by Prof. Andrea Gasparella.

Since then, the main research interests of the group have dealt with the following topics:

  1. the characterization of thermal, optical and acoustic behaviour of the building envelope components, both opaque and transparent;
  2. the optimization of the energy performance of the building system, with particular focus on mechanical ventilation systems and terminal emission units;
  3. the subjective and objective monitoring of the indoor environmental quality and the optimization of occupants’ comfort conditions as regards thermal-hygrometrical, visual, acoustic and air quality aspects;
  4. the analysis of the energy performance of the existing building stock, the multi-objective optimization of energy efficiency measures, and the definition of subsidization strategies and energy policies;
  5. the assessment of energy and non-energy performance at urban and district scale, and the study of local weather conditions and solar radiation.

These research topics are usually investigated coupling laboratory and in-situ experiments with advanced numerical simulation models, such as building simulation codes, finite elements models and computational fluid dynamics.

The Building Physics Research Group