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  • Behavioral Monitoring and Modelling towards User Resilience in the Built Environment.
    J. Donges | 2023 | PhD in Sustainable Energy and Technologies
  • Airflow Networks in Building Simulations: Applications to Model Calibration and Assessment of IAQ and COVID-19 Contagion Risk.
    R. Albertin | 2023 | PhD in Sustainable Energy and Technologies
  • Development of a novel shoeboxing algorithm for Urban and Building Energy Modeling.
    F. Battini | 2023 | PhD in Sustainable Energy and Technologies
  • Heat and moisture transfer in timber building components.
    M. Danovska | 2022 | PhD in Sustainable Energy and Technologies
  • Multi-objective optimization for retrofitting on a district scale towards the development of near-zero energy districts.
    F. Haneef | 2022 | PhD in Sustainable Energy and Technologies
  • Towards occupant-based building performance simulations: Considering Spatial Thermal Comfort Conditions and Personal Clothing Adaptation in the Evaluation of Sun-Irradiated Indoor Environments.
    J. Conejo Fernandez | 2021 | PhD in Sustainable Energy and Technologies
  • Investigation on the indoor environmental comfort perceived by employees and patients of physiotherapy centers through experimental subjective and objective surveys.
    L. Zaniboni | 2020 | PhD in Sustainable Energy and Technologies
  • Impact on process and operators’ productivity of environmental thermo-hygrometric conditions.
    M. Tarantini | 2018 | PhD in Sustainable Energy and Technologies
  • Measurement of Dynamic Properties of Building Envelope Materials and Components – Methods, Tools, Instruments and Application
    N. Bishara | 2017 | PhD in Sustainable Energy and Technologies
  • Optimization of ventilation systems. Liquid dessicant dehumidification and heat recovery devices
    S. Tafelmeier | 2017 | PhD in Sustainable Energy and Technologies
  • Energy retrofit of schools: a methodology for large building stocks
    R. Arambula Lara | 2016 | PhD in Sustainable Energy and Technologies
  • Energy Efficiency, Thermal and Visual Comfort: Integrated Building Performance Modelling and Measurement
    A. Atzeri | 2016 | PhD in Sustainable Energy and Technologies
  • Energy refurbishment of existing buildings: from diagnosis to optimization of retrofits
    P. Penna | 2015 | PhD in Sustainable Energy and Technologies


  • Riqualificazione di un edificio residenziale esistente: riqualificazione della facciata sud con integrazione di sistemi passivi di controllo climatico.
    (English translation: Retrofit of an existing residential building: renovation of the south-oriented façade through the integration with passive solutions for indoor environmental control)
    D. Macor | 2018-2019 | BEE – Casaclima
  • Riqualificazione di un edificio residenziale esistente: studio di interventi di mitigazione dei ponti termici.
    (English translation: Retrofit of an existing residential building: analysis of interventions to mitigate the effect of thermal bridges)
    F. W. E. Milagritos | 2018-2019 | BEE – Casaclima
  • Riqualificazione di un edificio residenziale esistente: simulazione dinamica delle prestazioni energetiche a valle della proposta di intervento.
    (English translation: Retrofit of an existing residential building: dynamic simulation of the energy performances after building renovation)
    F. Faccani | 2018-2019 | BEE – Casaclima
  • Analisi dei sistemi di schermatura e ombreggiamento esterno: impatto sul fabbisogno energetico e di illuminazione e implicazioni sul comfort.
    (English translation: Analysis of external shading systems: impact on energy needs for air conditioning and internal lighting and effects on
    indoor comfort
    A. M. Atzeri | 2011-2012 | Casaclima
  • Ottimizzazione del comportamento termico e di comfort di un edificio residenziale nel clima mediterraneo.
    (English translation: Optimization of thermal behaviour and indoor comfort on a residential buildings in the Mediterranean Climate)
    R. Sallustio | 2011- 2012 | Casaclima


  • Smart energy retrofit of historical buildings: analysis of its potential for a case-study in South Tyrol, Italy
    C. Budai | 2023-2024 | Energy Engineering
  • Design and performance evaluation of a heat pump for waste heat recovery in a plant-based beverages production process
    M. Collareda | 2023-2024 | Energy Engineering
  • Experimental and numerical characterization of a prefabricated timber façade with integrated HVAC unit
    B. Messner | 2023-2024 | Energy Engineering
  • Modelling and optimisation of an energy commu nity: The Santa Chiara district case study
    G. Borelli | 2022-2023 | Energy Engineering
  • Performance analysis of Thermo Active Building Systems (TABS) through dynamic CFD simulations
    F. Curi | 2022-2023 | Energy Engineering
  • Assessment of the natural ventilation potential using environmental variables
    G. Slomp | 2022-2023 | Energy Engineering
  • Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Glazing as a Smart Façade Technology: Characterisation, Modelling and Control
    J.A. Roberts | 2022-2023 | Energy Engineering
  • Subjective and objective assessment of the Indoor Environmental Quality conditions in a hospital in Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast
    A. Sbalchiero | 2022-2023 | Energy Engineering
  • Parametric simulation of the energy performance of small-scale mechanical ventilation systems for residential and commercial buildings
    M. Facci | 2021-2022 | Energy Engineering
  • Impact Of The Occupancy Profile On The Energy Performance Of A Public Building
    A. Pernici | 2021-2022 | Energy Engineering
  • Application Of Simplification Algorithms For The Simulation Of Energy Performance Of Complex Buildings
    M. Merli | 2021-2022 | Energy Engineering
  • Numerical characterization of the thermal performance of an innovative HVAC emission system
    C. Fiabane | 2020-2021 | Energy Engineering
  • Development of a multi-zone building simulation model for the assessment of  ventilation control strategies in educational buildings
    A. Gevorgian | 2020-2021 | Energy Engineering
  • Impact of Environmental Conditions on Students’ Comfort and Learning Performance in a Primary School
    G. Demozzi | 2019-2020 | Energy Engineering
  • Application of renewable cooling technologies on urban scale
    A. Zambito | 2019-2020 | Energy Engineering
  • From UNI EN ISO 13790 to UNI EN ISO 52016: comparative analysis between their implementation software tools for calculating the energy performance of buildings.
    C. Dolzani | 2019-2020 | Energy Engineering
  • Experimental and numerical analysis of a test rig for the characterization of the performance of ventilation heat recovery systems.
    P. Malavolta | 2019-2020 | Energy Engineering
  • Numerical assessment of visual and non-visual performance of a complex fenestration system.
    S. Ricciuti | 2019-2020 | Energy Engineering
  • Suitability of Test Reference Year in the design process of modern buildings with PV-battery systems.
    R. Gazzin | 2019-2020 | Energy Engineering
  • Modelling coupling airflow in multi-zone building simulation: analysis and experimental validation.
    R. Albertin | 2018-2019 | Energy Engineering
  • Urban modelling application to building districts: opportunities and limitations.
    F. Battini | 2018-2019 | Energy Engineering
  • The impact of model input assumptions regarding comfort, occupancy, zoning, and climate on simulated energy use of an office building.
    G. Pilati | 2017-2018 | Energy Engineering
  • Monitoring and simulation of energy performance, thermal and visual comfort in university classrooms.
    C. Faoro | 2017-2018 | Energy Engineering
  • Energy Diagnosis and Refurbishment of a Historical Building in Fidenza.
    L. Cacciali | 2017-2018 | Energy Engineering
  • Characterization of the thermal-physical properties of timber specimens.
    M. Danovska | 2017-2018 | Energy Engineering
  • Life Cycle Cost and Energy Optimization for the Refurbishment of existing Italian Commercial Buildings.
    G. Luddeni | 2016-2017 | Energy Engineering
  • Heat and Mass Balance in a Greenhouse.
    D. Holzner | 2016-2017 | Energy Engineering
  • Numerical and experimental evaluation of a thermopile heat flow meter under steady and dynamic conditions.
    M. Tardiani | 2016-2017 | Energy Engineering
  • Thermo-fluid dynamic analysis of the Germany Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015: indoor conditions evaluations.
    A. Viviani | 2014-2015 | Energy Engineering
  • Energy and comfort diagnosis and refurbishment of an healthcare building: a case study of a physiotherapy treatment center in Vienna (Austria).
    L. Zaniboni | 2014-2015 | Energy Engineering


  • Wood solutions for interior design and costruction
    S. Rosace | 2023-2024 | Professional Bachelor in Wood Engineering
  • Experience in the wood sector with focus on energy efficiency
    C. Mühlberg | 2023-2024 | Professional Bachelor in Wood Engineering
  • Residential buildings with prefabricated and log house structure: design and on-site assembly experiences
    D. Cunego | 2022-2023 | Professional Bachelor in Wood Engineering
  • Wood as a Resource. Energy Efficiency and Construction
    L. Yepes | 2022-2023 | Professional Bachelor in Wood Engineering
  • Modelling of the solar irradiance in the mountain environment for the simulation of the building energy performance
    T. Canova | 2022-2023 | Mechanical Industrial Engineering
  • Wood as a sustainable resource: experiences of applications in innovative materials and building energy efficiency
    L. Di Salvatore | 2022-2023 | Professional Bachelor in Wood Engineering
  • Design and assessment of high performance buildings: application of smart readiness indicator (SRI) and related technologies for timber buildings
    L. Finozzi | 2021-2022 | Professional Bachelor in Wood Engineering
  • Vergleich zwischen der nationalen Berechnungsmethode und den technischen Richtlinien von KlimaHaus für die Bewertung der Energieeffizienz von Gebäuden im Rahmen des Programms Superbonus 110%
    L.B.C.M. Guglielmi | 2021-2022 | Mechanical Industrial Engineering
  • ISO 14025 e criteri ambientali minimi: analisi critica delle dichiarazioni ambientali dei materiali isolanti termici
    A. Scipioni | 2020-2021 | Mechanical Industrial Engineering
  • Parametric simulation of the impact of unconditioned environments on the energy performance of single-family buildings
    C. Budai | 2019-2020 | Mechanical Industrial Engineering
  • Analysis of Networks of Building Embedded Sensors for the Improved Management of Building Energy Systems
    J. A. Roberts | 2019-2020 | Mechanical Industrial Engineering
  • Energetische Sanierung bestehender Gebäude: Auswirkungen von Umwelteinschränkungen auf die Auswahl der optimalen Energieeffizienzmaßnahmen.
    M. Karnutsch | 2019-2020 | Mechanical Industrial Engineering
  • Building automation and ventilation control strategies.
    C. Fiabane | 2018-2019 | Mechanical Industrial Engineering
  • Comparative analysis between the software consistent with the technical specification UNI/TS 11300-1 2014 used to calculate the energy performance of the buildings.
    C. Dolzani | 2016-2017 | Mechanical Industrial Engineering

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