Prof. Giovanni Pernigotto
Numerical and experimental characterization of the dynamic behaviour of the opaque components. Characterization of the thermal and visual behaviour of simple and complex fenestration systems. Assessment via simulation of the energy performance of buildings. Building simulation at district/urban scale and definition of energy policies. Assessment of indoor environmental quality conditions. Study of climatic boundary conditions for building energy simulation analyses.

Dr. Federica Morandi
Subjective and objective evaluation of global comfort, thermal, visual, acoustic and IAQ. Acoustics of timber buildings.


Dr. Marco Caniato
Numerical and experimental characterization of materials for acoustic and thermoigrometric applications. Laboratory measurements of building elements and partitions.
Project METAWOOD: Metamaterials and training applied to multi-storey timber buildings (Programme Interreg Italy-Austria 2021-2027, project code ITAT-11-011, CUP: I53C23001740007).

Dr. Shahryar Habibi
Project FAIR: Development of new tools and solutions for smart and high performance ventilated double skin façades (Programme EFRE-FESR 2021-2027, project code EFRE1035, CUP: D53C23003090005).

Dr. Roshan Raghavendra Rao
Project VIAO-MI: Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality in Offices: Monitoring and Improvement.


Arianna Marzi
Energy efficiency in buildings. Comfort in environments for special needs. Building energy modelling.
Project BeSENSHome: Sensors applied to sensitive environments. Inclusive spaces where it is normal to be special (Programme Interreg Italy-Austria 2021-2027, project code ITAT-11-016, CUP: I53C23001720007).

Aleksandr Gevorgian
Solar radiation models for building performance simulation in mountain areas: development and empirical validation.

Angelica El Hokayem
“Support to the Public Administration for developing new energy and sustainable policies for the built environment”.
PhD Project funded in the framework of the DM 351/2022 (PNRR), in collaboration with the Municipality of Bozen-Bolzano.

Riccardo Gazzin
“Façade commissioning, from early design to end of life for a user centered and zero emission building”.
PhD Project funded in the framework of the DM 352/2022 (PNRR) and co-funded by EURAC Research.

Gregorio Borelli
“Development of urban building energy models to support the definition of energy policies by municipalities and local public administrations”.
PhD Project funded in the framework of the DM 118/2023 (PNRR), in collaboration with the Municipality of Bozen-Bolzano.

Jamsheed Sajid
“Development of guidelines for local public administrations to optimize IEQ, energy efficiency and learning performance in educational and public office buildings”.
PhD Project funded in the framework of the DM 118/2023 (PNRR).


Mario Alves da Silva
PhD student in Architecture and Urban Planning at the Universidade Federal de Viçosa UFV, Brazil, under the supervisor of Prof. Joyce Carlo, coordinator of the Laboratório de Tecnologias  em Conforto Ambiental e Eficiência Energética.
Thesis title: “Evaluation and update of Brazilian weather files for building performance simulation”.


Christian Platzgummer
Technical support to professors and researchers for the development of the research projects through the maintenance of the measurement equipment and the support in the design and execution of field campaign.


Dr. Riccardo Albertin
Dr. Rigoberto Arambula Lara
Dr. Anna Maria Atzeri
Dr. Federico Battini
Arch. Matteo Bellé
Dr. Nadja Bishara
Dr. Jorge Conejo Fernandez
Dr. Julian Donges
Dr. Simone Dugaria
Dr. Danovska Maja
Dr. Margret Sybille Engel
Dr. Fahad Haneef
Mr. Sumanth Manthapuri
Arch. Andrea Mercusa
Mr. Sourav Mondal
Dr. Gianluca Pappaccogli
Dr. Paola Penna
Dr. Lorenza Pistore
Dr. Ilaria Pittana
Prof. Alessandro Prada
Dr. Stefanie Tafelmeier
Dr. Mariantonietta Tarantini
Dr. Simone Torresin
Dr. Luca Zaniboni

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