Lab description

The HVAC System Lab is intended for the characterization of the performance in variable conditions of handling units and heat recovery systems present in ventilation systems both for scientific research purposes and on industrial commission. The laboratory consists of a test chamber and two independent air circuits capable of reproducing experimental conditions for the analysis of the performance of ventilation system components in stationary and dynamic regimes.

HVAC systems lab.

Key competences and norms

The facilities of the laboratory allow the analysis of the aerodynamic, thermal and acoustic performance of Heat Recovery Systems (HRS) and air handling units (AHU), according to European standards EN 308 and EN 13141-7.

Scope of services

  • Thermal and humidity transfer efficiency tests
  • Pressure drop test Leakage and crossover test
  • Acoustic tests
  • Air flow measurement
  • Electrical power measurement  
  • In addition to the stationary conditions required by current standards, some tests may be conducted in dynamic regime.